Saturday 2 July 2022
Musical vagabond and refreshingly original talent on the US roots music landscape

Sierra Ferrell is 33 years old but she has the voice of an old soul.

Just listen to her latest album Long Time Coming. The Nashville-based musician showcases her winsomely nimble, bluesy voice on a spirited, idiosyncratic blend of bluegrass, honky-tonk, western swing, gypsy jazz, calypso and more.

In her 20s, Ferrell left her small town home in West Virginia to tour with a group of transient musicians, setting up temporary bases in places like Seattle and New Orleans between shows at truck stops, on boxcars and busking in city centers before settling in Nashville.

A series of Honky Tonk Tuesday Night performances at American Legion Post 82 in Nashville led to a record contract with Rounder Records, one of the world's most historic Americana and bluegrass record labels

With access to Nashville’s finest session musicians, she made the album Long Time Coming, which sounds like an instant classic.

That’s not least due to Sierra Ferrell’s voice.

Like one person on the internet commented for one of her viral videos: “That voice sounds like it's coming through a time machine made up of old gramophone parts. Beautiful.”

It contains has echoes of both Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton and Bessie Smith. And yet it’s her very own.

Make sure you catch Sierra Ferrell live at Roskilde Festival. She sings like a dream, her band is made up of stellar musicians, and the quality of the material just shines through. It’ll put a smile on your lips that will stay put for the rest of the festival. Guaranteed!