Thursday 30 June 2022
More pure pop triumphs from Norwegian pop princess

Sigrid has something special up her sleeve: Her vibrant electro pop brims with floor-rumbling rhythms and anthemic choruses, it’s full of searing vocals and a lyrical touch that translates the everyday of a young adult into something truly magical.

In 2019, she gave us her knockout debut album, Sucker Punch, establishing herself as one of pop music’s most exhilarating and singular voices to emerge in recent memory. As one review concluded: “Her ascent to superstardom seems guaranteed.”

Sigrid is well on her way.

The 25-year-old Norwegian is gearing up for her next album, and it seems like she’s aiming for world domination. Just listen to the first couple of stellar singles she’s put out. There’s the disco bliss-bomb “Mirror”, a self-empowerment anthem swaddled in swelling pianos and synths. And then there’s “Burning Bridges”, an explosive pop tune that really displays what a vocal powerhouse Sigrid is.

Sigrid has stated that all her new songs have been written with live performances in mind. Speaking of live performances, Sigrid and Roskilde Festival seem to have been going steady since the very beginning.

She first played here in 2017 on the Apollo stage. At this point in her career, her Scandi-pop anthem ”Don’t Kill My Vibe” was fresh out of the gates. It was the song that got Sigrid on everybody’s radars. And stereos. Sigrid herself highlights her Roskilde debut as her biggest ‘pinch me’ moment that very year. Need a recap? Just click here.

When she returned in 2018, she had just won the esteemed celebration BBC’s Sound of 2018. She scored a no. 10 hit with the single “Strangers”, and she sold out increasingly larger concert halls. That year she played on our Avalon stage, and the impact was amazing (watch here).

She has a charming stage presence. Her energy is infectious, and her band really gives that oomph to her songs. With fun dance moves, feel-good laughs and the feeling of being in great company!

Now we’re adding a third chapter to the Sigrid and Roskilde story. Her popularity calls for a bigger stage with enough room for everyone to dance and sing along to her catchy anthems.