Thursday 30 June 2022

Plays as part of the Thursday programme

Y2K pop put through a hyper-pop filter. Out comes a fresh retro sound

Remember back when hyper pop was a strange genre? One that transgressed the average listener’s comfort zone? It presented an extreme take on pop music that sometimes blurred the lines between humans and their machines.

Now, hyper pop has become such a wide phenomenon that it has almost become pop. But who cares as long as the music is great, right?

Enter Slayyyter (the name is inspired by Dazed and Confused‘s Ron Slater). She’s a 25-year-old musician from St. Louis who makes bubblegum bass-flavoured pop music in the vein of Charli XCX.

When she started out she made music in her bedroom and found a large audience without any help of music magazines, PR agents or the radio. She just worked the internet.

There’s no doubt that Slayyyter has an unabashed love for Y2K pop music (Britney, Christina, etc.). She adds some artiness (and sauciness!) to the melodic mix, and that brings about her very own nostalgic-yet-fresh sound.

Just listen to her breakthrough single “Mine” which brought her straight out of the pop underground. It’s included on her 2019 self-titled debut mixtape where Slayyyter packed punch after punch of synthy, electronic beats and sugary auto-tuned vocals.

Slayyyter released her debut album in 2021 on the FADER Label. Troubled Paradise presents an ideal balance between forward-thinking sounds and modern pop sensibilities, all of that heightened with the unapologetic attitude of an artist who's in command of her skills and expression. Slayyyter holds nothing back but rewards all listeners who like their fun with an extra dose of edge.

Come and be hyper with Slayyyter at Roskilde Festivcal. Get a sugar-rush from the candy-coated acidy pop tunes. You know you deserve it!