Friday 1 July 2022
Indie rock songs about a bleeding heart

When Lindsey Jordan aka Snail Mail released her debut album Lush in 2018, it was a perfect capture of the feeling of having your heart bashed to pieces – full of melodrama of believing that the hurt will last forever.

Equipped with a Fender guitar and a microphone, Snail Mail crafted shimmering songs of heartbreak, loneliness and growing up, which speaks to anyone of any age (she was a teenager at this point).

Her moody guitar confessionals turned into triumphs, and Lindsey Jordan was then called the leader in the next generation of indie rock.

With intricate guitar work and an open-book type of songwriting, Snail Mail has been compared to 90s indie-rock staples like Liz Phair and Sleater-Kinney. But there’s much more to Snail Mail than a nostalgia trip. She delivers her earworms with both insight and level-headedness – far beyond her years.

In 2021, Snail Mail returned with a follow-up album. At this point she had stepped out of her teens. That, however, doesn’t mean that love stops hurting.

On Valentine, her exploration of love embraces a rich palette of warm synthesisers, longing orchestral hums and gravelling indie folk. As a songwriter, Lindsey Jordan continues to cut straight through to the messy, conflicted, hopelessly infatuated guts of life. It’s not without reason that Valentine reaped stellar reviews (look here, here and here).

When Lindsey Jordan sings to you live she sings with conviction, honesty and emotion. If things feel a bit too intense, they’re supposed to be. That’s the world of Snail Mail.

Real-life snail mail may be slow in delivery – but the band Snail Nail gets the message across instantly and with great conviction.