Tuesday 28 June 2022
Softer invites you to open discussions about how each of us can get a say in how tech influences us. And how we can eliminate the gender gap and apply softer values.

Digital and technological development is shaping our lives in so many ways but currently it is a very homogenous group of people making all the important decisions for us. How do we ensure that we all get a say in how tech and digital media influences the wellbeing of both humans and the planet?

Join us for a workshop on how to shape the directions of technology and digital media.

With Softer, we aim to implement softer values such as care, empathy, community and collaboration into technology. We work to inspire and empower women, gender minorities and people identifying with “softness” to practice, discuss and shape the digital industry, with the vision of eliminating the gender gap, creating more diversity and shaping the digital futures in a direction where our values are represented.

At Roskilde 2022, we want to meet and engage with the people at the festival to have an open and including conversation about how we ensure that we all get a say in shaping the directions of tech futures.