Climate Pavilion
Sunday 26 June 2022
See the Roskilde Festival biome from another angle

How big are our worlds? You may experience your own world – but there are worlds, microcosms, among us that are way smaller.

In this workshop we invite all festival-goers to participate in collecting and exhibiting the microcosm among us at the festival.

We will grow soil samples from around the festival site in petri dishes, seeing the microcosm unfold in front of our eyes. We will collect them at the beginning of the festival to allow for the microbes to grow – and then display them during the festival, growing, living, dying. 

It’ll give us a different perspective on the concept of existence – by creating space for what we cannot see and create a visual representation on how dependent we are on the microcosm around us.

It is a unique opportunity to see the Roskilde Festival Biome from another angle and celebrate a world of diversity and life beneath our feet. 

This workshop is presented by the artist duo Studio ThinkingHand formed by Rhoda Ting and Mikkel Dahlin Bojesen. Their works focus on methods of listening, relating and co-creating with other than human species such as fungi, bacteria and ecosystems, making visible stories, intelligences, and life beyond the human gaze.