Friday 1 July 2022

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High-intensity fusion of dancing bodies and electronic music

Rooted in São Paulo's rebellious electronic underground, the troupe Teto Preto delivers high-intensity meetings between politics, groundbreaking bodily performance, house, techno and tropicalia.

Teto Preto is a collaboration between French performance artist Loïc Koutana and a group of activist and visionary figures from São Paulo's thriving electronic underground.

The troupe has grown out of the record label Mamba Rec and the notorious nomadic techno parties Mamba Negra taking place in abandoned industrial buildings in the city. The parties were started for the first time in 2013 by DJ Cashu and members of Teto Preto. A time when São Paulo began to be compared to Berlin because of its burgeoning and special electronic scene.

The group is closely allied with local battles in the LGBTQIA+ environment, and they focus globally on the increasing suppression of queer cultures in Brazil.

Teto Preto’s political provocative agenda and their first single "Gasolina" (2016) secured them live jobs at major Brazilian festivals, but it was with the debut album Pedra Preta (2018) that they received international attention. With violent electronic arrangements and energetic songs, they build a universe of rebellion, mystery and passion that prompted media like Crack Magazine to hail the album as one of the year's most important.

The group delivers high-intensity concerts incorporating elements of house, techno, jazz and tropicalia into an engrossing fusion with modern dance, boundary-pushing bodily performance, naked skin and latex.