Thursday 30 June 2022
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Unpretentious indie-funk-disco-house with a big smile on the lips.

Has it really been over a decade since The Whitest Boy Alive last played Roskilde? And as many years since the band put out an album? Time to do something about that, right?

Now, they are back with an exclusive concert at Roskilde Festival – only European show in 2022!

That’s a very good thing because few bands manage to get a huge crowd (physically) worked up about their unpretentious hand-played indie dance music.

Back in the noughties, front man Erlend Øye garnered artistic credibility as one of the most known and respected indie profiles in both pop/rock and electronic spheres. Some know him from Kings of Convenience (hey, they're playing this year's Roskilde, too!), others as the vocals on early Röyksopp tracks. Most people know him as the bespectacled, nerdy party man in The Whitest Boy Alive. The band with a rock setup and an insistent aim to make you dance. Call them a straightforward and stripped-down indie act informed by early Talking Heads. They drive their songs forward with minimalist precision and a whole lot of funk.

Øye spends time living the good life in southern Italy. He also travels quite a lot to Chile, moving into the music scene there. This white boy must have gotten himself a nice tan over time. The same goes for his music which still reflects the many colours of a turning mirrorball.