Wednesday 29 June 2022
“Bedroom rap all-stars” making progressive music with meaning and a DIY ethos

Dre and Vonne first came together in front of the apartment complex where they both lived as teens.

Dre had just moved to the neighbourhood, and Vonne was trying to sell him bad weed.

It was clear from the start that the two listened to music differently from most people. They’re sonic omnivores, obsessive deep-divers, lovers of rare and radical sounds.

Starting as kids trawling the internet for tracks, they’ve been collecting music from around the world and across the decades, amassing a shared sonic knowledge so deep that “encyclopedic” barely begins to cover it. Not just the East Coast hip-hop that Dre grew up on or the hyperlocal bass-music variants like jook (a raunchy answer to house) and crank (Miami bass meets New Orleans bounce) that Vonne grew up on, but also drum‘n’bass, Chicago footwork, post-punk, prog, grime, krautrock, emo, and basically any genre on the map.

The experimental rap duo has signed with JagJaguwar and will release their debut album Finally, New right after they have been announced for Roskilde Festival 2022.

Everything is DIY to the bone. The record is wriotten, produced and recorded in a bederoom in Tampa, Florida. According to the duo, their album is a breakdown of borders betweens genres and sounds. Simply because they are so interested in it all. Yet, their sound is kept beautifully minimal, edgy and poignant.

They Hate Change aren't trying to do something different, it's just pretty much a given when you're already in a lane of your own.