Thursday 30 June 2022
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Potent sensitivity from Danish-Kurdish hit maker

2021 was the year when all of Denmark looked up to Tobias Rahim.

The Danish-Kurdish singer is over two metres tall, and he and Andreas Odbjerg have written the perhaps self-referencing song ”Stor mand” (‘big man’) which was a huge hit in Denmark in 2021. ”Mucki Bar” is the way onwards into 2022 – a smash hit from Rahim – a tune with ambitions as grand as its predecessor.

Tobias Rahim made a name for himself one year earlier when he released his solo debut, National romantik 2021, which includes the hit single ”Jesus” (a self-proclaimed sociocritical country song). He has also penned the popular tunes ”Op a væggen” (‘up against the wall’) and ”Costa Del Sol til København”.

The 32-year-old artist toys with earnest feelings and boundary-pushing lyrics with a provocative expression. He operates in a borderline territory where it’s perfectly normal to sing about both sex and politics.

Tobias Rahim had a close encounter with the sensual music of reggaeton when he lived in Colombia for a couple of years. Back in Denmark, he lived out the music as half of the reggaeton duo Camilo & Grande.

You may have heard him on the Burhan G tribute ”Burhan G” as well as on Burhan G's own ”Dans”. He has also recorded the song ”Stimulanser” with Ida Laurberg.

In other words, Tobias Rahim has been all over the place. So, it makes sense that you have come across – and looked up to – him. Now, you soon have to look towards the stage at Roskilde Festival when this ‘big man’ and wonderful pop artist unleashes his music live.