Wednesday 29 June 2022
When hardcore is at its most vibrant and colourful

How often do you see a hardcore band that rises above (hello Black Flag reference!) everyone else in and beyond the scene – in a way that they are even dominating ‘end of year’ lists and are in high demand by all live venues and festivals?

The answer: Not often. Maybe never before. But now is the time. And the band is Turnstile!

Their 2018 record Time & Space already gave a hint that Turnstile had the potential to go beyond their primary influences of hardcore and heavy music.

“If it makes you feel alive! Well, then I’m happy to provide!” front man Brendan Yates screams on the single “Blackout” from Turnstile’s fourth album, Glow On. A spectacular record that has taken the whole music scene, rock fans and critics alike, by storm.

Just look towards Metacritic, the site that generates a metascore as an average of all reviews, and you’ll see that Glow On has scored 92 points! The album has been praised for making hardcore “genre-fluid” and for showing "just how innovative [the genre] could become".

It’s an album full of chunky power chords, big alt-rock hooks, drum machines and elements of soul and psychedelia (plus at least one Latin-funk breakdown!).

Hardcore bands are some of the most disciplined when it comes to live action. Often because they tour constantly. That certainly also goes for this Baltimore lot. They make their shows matter as if each one were their last, and a show feels like the centre of the universe with everything else spinning around it trying to latch onto the ride.

Even when the crowds are growing and the concert halls become increasingly bigger for Turnstile, there is always that spirit of inclusion and joy. Just have a look at this high-spirited concert recording.