Saturday 2 July 2022
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The Danish music platform, label and community radio hosts a grand six-hour dance party

UUMPHFF is an independent music platform, label and community radio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Founded in 2020 by Simin Stine Ramezanali and Xenia Xamanek Lopez.

Spawned from a necessity of a broader musical belonging and solidarity across genres, scenes and aesthetics, UUMPHFF is presenting music to the world through concerts, singles, albums, compilations, workshops and a steady radio stream.

UUMPHFF has made its impact on the Copenhagen music and club scene. As can be heard on the compilation UUMPHFF 0000001 which is full of sensitive hard bass, glitchy hyper ballads, snapped reggaeton, trance and transitional serenades.

Now, this platform is ready to move into our special hang-out place Ambereum for a six-hour party.

You can meet the following DJs and party-starters:

  • DJ Paydar (listen) plays hip-hop/R&B, both old-school and new-school. He adds Afrobeat to the mix.
  • djavan.jami (listen) is a US musician based in Copenhagen. Her musicis a mix of hip-hop, trap and R&B. She sings in both English and Spanish.
  • Billow_40 (listen) is part of the managing team at UUMPHFF Radio and active in the alternative R&B duo Owmi. As a DJ/selector, Billow_40 plays breaks, electro, UK garage, R&B remixes and Afro pop.
  • CHIEF is a rap artist who, with her political messages, spits matter for reflection. Expect a wild flow with an old-school hip-hop vibe mixed with today's rap sound.
  • ED.XX is the DJ moniker for Xenia Xamanek whose music and DJ style offer a wealth of unexpected sounds. ED.XX creates surreal soundscapes, hard-hitting beats and og heart-piercing songs. Xamanek released the album DELIRIO REAL in 2021 (listen).
  • Ryong is a DJ and producer who released the EP Unbreakable Bonds (listen) last year on the Berlin-based label Yegorka. The release explores the absurdity and beauty of family and heritage.
  • Rosa Melano & DJ Gossip released their debut single “M E T E L O” on the compilation UUMPHFF 0000001 (listen). They will perform live with the song for the first time ever.
  • abji_hypersun is the solo project of artist and co-founder of UUMPHFF Simin Stine Ramezanali who will also perform with the band slim0 at Roskilde Festival. The first release was the single “Dooset daram (midooni?)” (listen), and word has it that a new album is coming up. abji_hypersun mixes fragments of d’n’b, Persian classical instruments out of tune, Iranian love songs and an emotional clubby vibe.
  • KUCHULU (listen) is a producer and DJ who uses sound to express delusions or dream worlds in a genre-bending mix. KUCHULU is also the co-fopunder of the UUMPHFF radio station for the BIPOC community in Copenhagen.
  • Sinfohme (listen) is a DJ with roots in SABAAHH and Future Female Sounds. She plays Brazilian funk, house and hip-hop.
  • Varnrable (listen) is a music project created by Camilla Myrhe. The songs roam through a myriad opf sounds, from techno over soul to the experimental. Varnrable weaves percussion, samples, live instruments and vocals through a collage of electronic production.
  • AMYWAY aka MissAmy is an MC who is dedicated to bringing some ’pu$$y chaos’ to Roskilde Festival. Look forward to something loving and energetic!
  • DJ Cunt (listen) is an up-and-coming queer-xtra-mista who brings eclectic cuts of hardcore, sexý and experimental techno to the floor.