Tuesday 28 June 2022
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Varnrable’s sound is vulnerable. Feelings translated to innovative pop music.

Varnrable is the music project of producer, singer and visual artist Camilla Myrhe. Being both Norwegian and Ethiopian, Camilla’s life and work is marked by a sense of rootlessness. A confluence of the experience of being adopted in Norway and a lifelong separation from roots, culture and family.

In 2022, Varnrable released the debut album Air Born. It is a manifestation of the producer’s liberation from her own story and the restrictions that have been placed upon the artist, a breaking away from what is expected. 

The album presents a myriad of sounds ranging from techno, soul and experimentalism. Varnrable weaves together percussion, samples, live instruments and vocals through a disparate collage of electronic production.

Varnrable unfurls the experiences to ultimately unite the fragmented pieces of herself.

The album was recently covered by Bandcamp in a feature that praises the material as “compelling stuff”. We can only agree. Look forward to experiencing how Varnrable translates her studio productions to a live stage. Catch Varnrable on the Countdown stage at Roskilde Festival 2022.