Wednesday 29 June 2022

- Saturday 2 July 2022

Ambereum is an orange-hued performance space and a hideaway from the fast pulse of the festival. At night it becomes the central club for dancing.

Set in different shades of orange and amber, Ambereum presents itself as a stage, a hideout, a pause and a place to discover new sound and performance formats in the middle of the buzzing festival.

Ambereum is an immersive and decelerating sound venue where you can dream, slow down, cyber detox, reflect and negotiate proximity in a way that breaks down social, spiritual and cultural differences. 

Ambereum came to life in 2019 in a collaboration in a collaboration between artist Viron Erol Vert and curator Solvej Helweg Ovesen, inspired by the healing qualities of amber, Greek temples and the idea of merging Pagan culture and Mediterranean mythology into a psychedelic universe. 

At night Ambereum sets the stage for diverse techno, dance and house parties. This year, the stage and space design has been extended to a more welcoming and hosting frame. You will find even more pavilions, mini hubs and corners for you to dwell in around the clock. 

Ambereum as a stage and site-specific installation is the framework for the performance and music programme The Nature of Things.

About The Nature of Things
Change is created by letting old systems collapse and giving birth to something new. Being in turbulence together is also a chance for change. The Ambereum programme takes the wave of changes that we are experiencing worldwide right now as an opportunity to focus on rebirth, renewal, and reconfiguration of our cosmos. We need to find new ways of being together – and thereby transform our worldviews and values together.

"Atoms", "Souls" and "Materials" form a three-day thematic structure at Ambereum, inspired by Lucretius’ poem "On the Nature of Things" which looks into the key to being part of creating change. The Nature of Things is curated by Solvej Helweg Ovesen.