Wednesday 29 June 2022

Plays as part of the Wednesday programme

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UUMPHFF-founder turns to alien-like reggaetón that can make you both dream and dance

Having studied the rules of composition and been formally trained on saxophone, Xenia Xamanek is an artist who ignores all rules in an idiosyncratic style of music.

Xenia Xamanek is one of the founders of UUMPHFF, an independent music platform created out of a necessity of a broader musical belonging (they’re hosting a six-hour party in Ambereum – don’t miss it!).

And perhaps that’s just what Xamanek and like-minded artists need. One thing is for sure – the music really orbits a world of its own.

Just take a listen to Xenia Xamanek’s latest album Delirio Real from 2021. Xamanek’s Honduran roots really show here. Several songs are sung in Spanish and the musical style is a hot slow dance with the ever-popular reggaetón genre. But it’s filtered through something hazy and otherworldly. Drowsy, lo-fi and dreamy.

Xamanek’s earlier material has dealt with deconstructed techno, harsh noise and immersive ambient but also a fuse of studio and field recordings in collage-like compositions.

Xamanek yet again pushes the sound in unusual ways, navigating an adventurous and always fascinating field.