Tuesday 28 June 2022
She's a bad bitch, her raps are x-rated and she shows mad skills

Denmark has got a female rapper who goes all in on fuck-you attitude, heavy beats and more than sleazy lyrics.

With a name meaning 8 9 3 (Ya Ku Za) and being the worst hand in a card game, it reflects Yakuza's upbringing in a Copenhagen ghetto, with a criminal father and a mother on social security.

Yakuza's material is created with unfiltered honesty, and it shows the rapper’s own reality.

She has released a lot of singles. They all display power, sauciness and a refreshing straight-in-your-face attitude.

Yakuza can both sing affectionately ("mdma") and rap excellently ("River dem rundt"). All her songs are very explicit about sex and can make the unprepared blush. And in Yakuza’s songs, she’s always in the driver’s seat.

Try her boss-like sex rap "Heldig", her butt song ("Op ned") and the self-empowering "Den Bich", which you can easily imagine being shouted from a live stage and shouted back to Yakuza from her audience.

Yakuza has been on stage before at Roskilde Festival. She was part of a big party show that kicked off the 2019 season and she performed a few songs on the stage.

Now the time is ripe for Yakuza to get the stage all to herself. Catch her on the Countdown stage at Roskilde Festival 2022.