Get your body moving on the world's largest dance floor and painting, meet the Ukrainian-Danish Youth House, engage in workshops about our microcosm, experience an art perspective on reproduction and rave into the night in our amber-coloured club. This year's art and activism programme covers a wide field with no less than 68 contributors. This is a guide through the programme.

We have just announced 68 names for our art and activism programme. We know, that's a lot to take in at once. So, we will guide you a little with five physical spots in the programme that you should definitely drop by on your way through the festival. Here, you can experience art and take part in eager discussions and workshops.

For it is time to act in the name of solidarity. It is the common starting point in the programme across artists, activists, youth movements, etc. Read more about this here.

Katharina Grosse will make the world's largest dance floor and painting at Roskilde Festival 2022.

Katharina Grosse, It Wasn’t Us, 2020, Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin, acrylic on floor, polystyrene and bronze; paint on asphalt, concrete, bricks and metal, 700 x 6,500 x 18,300 cm. Courtesy König Galerie / Gagosian / Galerie nächst St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwälder / Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Nationalgalerie. Photo: Jens Ziehe. © Katharina Grosse and VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, 2021

Step onto the world's largest dance floor

Life in the big festival city is buzzing with constant energy at the campsite. Among the numerous tents, you can encounter the world's largest dance floor – and painting. 2000 square metres. That’s the same as 25 flats. So, you’ll have lots of space for your mad dance moves!

The dance floor is an artwork created by German artist Katharina Grosse. She will create a gigantic, colourful floor and painting between the green hills at Camping East.

The dance floor will be a venue for several events and performances. Some are planned by the festival – others will take place quite naturally when the festival-goers bring the music and interact with the artwork together.

Flokkr is our modern 'community centre' and the place to be if you're up for some eager talks, debates and workshops.

Step into our modern community centre

Burning issues are always on the agenda in Flokkr, which is our community centre, located out in the campsite. In here, we invite a wide range of debaters, performers and activists with beating hearts and a lot on their minds – and they invite you to participate in both conversations and workshops.

Meet the Ukrainian-Danish Youth House who will talk about how solidarity is carried out during the Russian invasion. You can also meet the climate activists from Fridays for Future who will engage you in their cause.

And we have a genuine science mashup taking place when CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, and the Niels Bohr Institute invite you into their science pavilion where you can build a solar charger, a Geiger counter and a detector that lets you see cosmic rays coming from space.

You can meet Lærke Bagger who in a talk does away with the idea of the perfect person – and the perfectly knitted sweater. Afterwards, you can try your hand at the balls of yarn and the knitting pins.

Literature and music meet when Danish band First Hate adds music to Cecilie Lind's novel Pigedyr (‘girl animal’). A unique mashup in the shape of a ‘novel concert’ – something you’ve certainly never experienced before.

Studio Thinkinghand facilitates a workshop where you can create your own microcosm.

Step into the green climate pavilion

Focus is on the climate and the immediate environment in our brand-new climate pavilion. It is designed by EAHR (Emergency Architecture & Human Rights) who works to strengthen the resilience of vulnerable groups suffering from inequality and humanitarian crises. The pavilion is built by Log Ladies who also invite you to hands-on construction workshops with a focus on gender.

Inside the pavilion, Studio Thinkinghand invites you to create your own microcosm with the life of microscopic organisms that exist but are invisible to the naked eye.

Outhabitants invite you into their respite, which is a healing togetherness where you get time and space for physical immersion and get rid of all the tension that the festival stores in your body.

Bureau for Interspecies Communication invite you inside their imaginative and wacky insect school where you help create a friendship ritual for our buzzing friends.

Marie Munk creates a large, hyperrealistic placenta, which functions as a symbol of the life-giving

Step into the reproductive world of art

As you move from the Art Zone towards the Gloria stage, you will encounter an art theme with a special focus on reproduction and propagation.

Marie Munk creates a large, hyperrealistic placenta, which is a symbol of the life-giving but which also appears as something 'repulsive', which represents the awkward relationship many people have with their own bodily nature.

Anna Aagaard Jensen creates an enlarged and mutated uterus, which gives life to numerous ovaries that you can have a seat on.

You can also watch Tabita Rezaire's film Peaceful Warrior, which serves as a ‘decolonial self-care tutorial’. The artist guides us through Egyptian cosmology and uteruses while practicing yoga and training her 'womb power'.

Sahar Jamili creates an overwhelming chandelier that speaks to the mechanics of identity. Jamili originates from Azerbaijan where the chandelier is a status symbol. Jamili's chandelier unites the split between being a Copenhagen punk and an Azerbaijani young person.

Kim Mejdahl will perform under his moniker Kim Kim. He invites you to a screaming wild electronic concert – photo: Petra Kleis

Step into our amber-coloured nightclub

It is never difficult to find a party at Roskilde Festival. When you enter the Ambereum, you can easily be tempted to hang out here throughout the entire festival. Ambereum is an amber-coloured performance space and a hideaway from the festival's rapid pulse. At night, it becomes a true party central.

You can, among other acts, meet the Danish artist Kim Mejdahl whom you may have seen in the Danish TV programme Kunstnerkolonien (‘the artist colony’). Operating under the musician alias Kim Kim, he invites you to a screaming wild electronic concert with mad visuals.

You can also experience Perera Elsewhere who creates a hypnotic fusion of music that sounds as if it exists in different locations around the globe, in different times and dimensions.

Linda Lamignan produces a world of sound that crosses electronic Afrofuturism and ambient with a goal of creating a meditative and healing atmosphere.

And when darkness falls, four different music collectives move into Ambereum and turn the place into a true rave. From Wednesday to Saturday, you can experience a wealth of artists from the collectives UUMPHFF, Nyege Nyege, Group Therapy and Another Name.

The names mentioned above are of course just a selection of the many, many things that will take place at Roskilde Festival 2022. There's a lot more to dive into. See the full line-up here.