Our new restaurant Food Is Now is a sensory celebration of organics and biodiversity. Buy your ticket already now and warm up for your dream concert with a three-course dining experience.

Do you dream of experiencing just how delicious and surprising food can be at Roskilde Festival?

Now is the time to buy a ticket for yourself and your camp for our brand-new restaurant Food Is Now.

We'll treat you to a three-course, 100 % organic menu served on porcelain plates just a few hundred metres from the Orange Stage.

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Seasonal menu
Food Is Now is a celebration of greens and the importance of organic and locally produced ingredients in food of today. Then we put as little strain on nature and the climate as possible!

We serve a vegetarian, seasonal menu created for the occasion and carefully prepared by some of the country's most progressive restaurateurs with focus on organics and the climate.

We've teamed up with trendsetting restaurant Amass and farm-to-fork eatery Birkemosegaard Køkken for a gastronomic experience that will surprise you with innovative flavours and toy with your expectations of the taste of the ingredients.

The ingredients are grown at Birkemosegaard's fields in Sjællands Odde, Vidarslund Gartneri near Faxe and Godis Grønt in Lejre. We value the shortest possible route from farm to fork.

Over the years, we have increased our focus on organics and biodiversity in our festival food. Food Is Now – and the accompanying wine bar – will in many ways be the culmination of our gastronomic journey towards an even more plant-based festival that respects nature and the environment.

Look forward to a spectacular, sensual and filling experience with a focus on intimacy and community.

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  • Summer vegetables, Danish new potatoes, horseradish, crispy bread
  • Roasted tempeh, grilled oyster mushrooms, vegetable top gremolata, onion skin oil
  • Crispy marshmallow, rhubarb, spent coffee cream, raw honey

    Also served: Cold-proofed spelt bread with oats, sunflower seed butter, caramelised leek
  • Natural, pure wines from the south
  • Sour made on rhubarb
  • Non-alcoholic beverages made from seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Three-course menu + snack: DKK 295 + fee
  • Wine or non-alcoholic beverage menu: DKK 150
  • A glass of wine/non-alcoholic alternative: DKK 80
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Seatings and duration
Food Is Now is open from Wednesday 29 June to Saturday 2 July. See seating times via the ticket link. The experience lasts approximately 75-90 minutes.

Contact us
For questions regarding allergies and for bookings for more than 12 people, please feel free to contact us on e-mail:

Food Is Now is the result of close collaboration between several partners. Menu and drinks are developed and selected in collaboration with Amass and Birkemosegaard Køkken, and the restaurant is run in collaboration with Food Synergy. The interior of the restaurant focuses on reuse and recycling of materials, and the design and construction are developed in collaboration with HAY, Roskilde Dyrskue and artist Anne Nowak.