Written by Anders Koch Madsen, volunteer at Roskilde Festivals Mediehus

Amongst the many exciting art projects you can experience at Roskilde Festival, some of the works invite you to more than just observe them. In fact, you can let yourself by embraced by them, sink into them, or maybe even participate in them. This is a guide to immersive art at this year’s festival.  

A little oasis for relaxation and calm

Elvira & Sia: Woven Together
On your way to Gloria, in Artzone close to Platform, you will find a little oasis of presence and relaxation. It is
Elvira & Sia’s project Woven Together, which with the help of elevations and surfaces in different shapes and sizes, clad in green or red felt, creates a landscape that gives you the opportunity to sit or lie and extends an invitation to relaxation and immersion. The lanes of green or red felt is woven into each other and together with the yellow elevations, which at night is lit up from beneath, create a very special atmosphere, which provides an occasion to take a little break.

Photo: Jacob Stage

Step into the organ of life

Anna Aagard Jensen: WombRoom
Gloria’s façade is adorned by a huge mural of a vagina created by Carolina Falkholt and when you step through the doors you are not only in the foyer of Gloria but also inside a giant uterus! You are now in
Anna Aagaard Jensen’s WombRoom, where life is created – and maybe also a new relation? In the mutated uterus several pink ovaries that you can sit on and in, are spread over the floor while the sides of the uterus are covered in soft and calming purple fabric which gives you a distinct feeling that in here, new life can be created. As a bonus you can experience other art projects in WombRoom like Sahar Jamili’s sensational chandelier and Nanna Lysholt Hansen’s ancient moon goddess, which you can read more about in this guide.

Photo: Jacob Stage

Viewpoint with seating

Mike Ballard – giant glasses
Even though they are huge it is still possible to overlook Mike Ballard’s otherwise colorful pair of glasses, as they lie carelessly along Fence Walk. Even so, you should not miss the opportunity to sit on the grass inside the glasses where you can relax, eat, or discuss the concerts of the day. The full experience of the piece is found if you take some steps back and look out through the glasses over the area around Fence Walk and 8thStreet. Here, you will get a view where you can also see Placenta, artist
Marie Munk’s giant and hyper realistic placenta.

Photo: Jacob Stage

A hideout of amber
Somewhat hidden in the streets between Food Court and Fence Walk you will find Ambereum. An area that offers tranquility and relaxation at daytime and music, dance, and electronic dance parties at nighttime. But Ambereum is not only a platform for new sound and performance formats. It is also an installation in itself, developed by artists
Viron Erol Vert and curator Solvej Helweg Ovesen. With inspiration from Greek temples and with amber and orange as the dominating colors, Ambereum unfolds itself in front of you with green grass, golden clad walls, little, cozy huts, and a temple in the middle that constitutes the heart of the area. Ambereum is therefore not only a place to experience music and performance but also an experience it itself.

Photo: Jacob Stage

A platform for social interactions and intense experiences

Tino Sehgal – This Variation
The name ”Platform” may not sound all that exciting, but what is happening on the inside of the festival’s new venue definitely is! The building, developed by the design company
NLÉ Works and the acclaimed architect Kunlé Adeyemi, is actually an interesting structure in itself. It is a dynamic construction, and with the help of movable walls it can be transformed from a limited and dark room to an open area that stretches far beyond the actual space under the roof. Platform is the stage for Tino Sehgal and his artistic manifestations which focuses on social interactions and through song, dance, and speech often involves the spectators in intense and sometimes disturbing experiences that we can only recommend you try while at the festival!