Festival life
Take the train that goes directly to the festival. The bus does the same. And if you're driving yourself, we’ve got a parking space for you.

Roskilde Festival is coming up and everybody’s busy planning.

After all, the first experience starts when you arrive at the festival. Maybe even on the way here.

But what's the best way to get to Roskilde Festival? We have a couple of recommendations for you.

Photo: Mick Friis

Take the train to the festival's own station
The train really takes you to our doorstep! Even further, in fact.  We have our own train station at the festival site, which is located at the campsite. Here, you can also exchange your ticket to a wristband. And during the festival, the train operates on a regular basis between the festival station and Roskilde Station. Each trip costs DKK 25. You buy your ticket directly on the platform. At night, the train takes you directly to Copenhagen with just one stop at Høje Taastrup.

See all times in the Journey Planner.  When you type in our station, it's called 'Roskilde Festivalplads St.'

Please note: On the opening day, early-entry tickets are available via the train until 15:33. Read more about it here.

Photo: Mick Friis

Take the bus directly to Entrance East
It's also very easy to Roskilde Festival by bus. Using Flixbus, you can travel from the biggest cities in Denmark directly to Roskilde Festival. Or from European cities to Copenhagen and onwards from there. The bus stops right at entrance East. And when the festival is over, you can head back home with the same bus service. Book your departure time today.

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We also have shuttle buses that operate between Roskilde Station and Roskilde Festival’s entrances. A trip costs DKK 25, and the buses operate round the clock.

Bicycle parking north of the festival site
If you arrive by bike, we have a designated bike parking area just north of the festival site, right by entrance North. Bicycle parking is free.

If you arrive by car, there's space for you as well
If you're coming by car, we'll make sure there's space for you. We have parking spaces in both East, West and South. They have varying prices, depending on how close to the entrances they are. You can either pay for one day or the full festival period. All parking tickets will go on sale from Thursday at 12:00. See more at and download the parking map.