From citrus-flavoured alcohol-free beer sold at the stalls to bio-dynamic natural wines, which you can enjoy at the festival’s new picnic-like area. We will guide you towards this year’s new drinks and thirst-quenching experiences.

You will have ample opportunity to slake your thirst at this year’s festival. Much like with the music and art programme, you will also be able explore all the experiences and flavours offered by the bars and stalls at the festival town – which you didn’t even know you needed.

We therefore present five suggestions for new experiences and flavours best enjoyed in a glass or bottle.

Photo: Tuala Hjarnø

Alcohol-free beer from Tuborg at the beer stalls
Alcohol-free variants are becoming more and more widespread, and that’s something you’ll notice when you frequent the beer stalls at the festival. A lot of effort has gone into displaying the alcohol-free options.

One example is the new Tuborg Nul, which you’ll never need to ask about. In fact, all you have to do is point at the specially designed fridge from Tuborg, which will be in plain view at the stalls.

In the fridge, you will find three variants: Tuborg Nul, Tuborg Citrus and Tuborg Mango/Passion. All perfect to enjoy on a hot summer’s day, full of wonderful concerts and artistic experiences.

Thirst-quenching kombucha break in The Garden
The backstage area east of the Orange Stage was off limits for most people back in 2019. We are changing that.

The area, with its numerous trees and small wooden buildings, is so interesting that we want everyone to be able to enjoy it. We call it The Garden, and the relaxing picnic-like atmosphere is a perfect match for the fizzy drink’s answer to slow-rise sour dough: Kombucha.

For this reason, we have entered into a partnership with Læsk, which makes its own organic kombucha in the village of Svinninge, nearly 50 km west of the festival site

Læsk supplies their fermented alcohol-free drink, which is made from ingredients like tea and flowers, in thirst-quenching variants such as raspberries, turmeric, ginger, elder flower and a special Orange Feeling-edition with a taste of honeybush & lemon.

You can drink them as they are – without alcohol. Or, in the late hours, you can enjoy them in a delicious cocktail, mixed with organic spirits.

Rødder & Vin is coming outdoors
“Wines should be easily drunk. Wines should not be easily defined.” This is the philosophy of Rødder & Vin.

Rødder & Vin is a wine bar and store in the Copenhagen district of Nørrebro. And, this year, the owners are setting up shop in the new relaxation area called The Garden. Here, you will be able to buy organic wine, biodynamic wine and natural wine, served in proper glasses with stems – the way wine was meant to be drunk.

Rødder & Vin will be Læsk’s neighbour. And with these two bars located a bottle cap’s throw from each other, your needs will be covered if you want to quench your thirst while enjoying the lovely green area.

Photo: Luna Stage

Cosy college bar with minigolf
Is it a bar? Is it a mini-resort? Is it an assistance facility for festival-goers with broken camping chairs? It’s hard to say, but it really doesn’t matter. The students at Roskilde Festival Folk High School certainly don’t think so.

They borrowed an area in East City, which they converted into a minigolf course with eight different holes. During the morning and afternoon, they will primarily sell kombucha from Læsk, soft drinks and juice, while in the evenings, you can buy beer, cocktails and more on tap.

The idea is to create an area that is unpretentious and welcoming, where everything can be resolved with a friendly chat and a little duct tape.

Gringo’s bubbly little sister
Gringo Bar – an old fixture at the festival – now has a little sister called Champagne Lounge, which you can find in the Bazaar area, east of the Apollo stage.

Drinking bubbly from a glass with a stem is an entirely different experience from a case of beer. And, at the new Champagne Lounge, you’ll find proof that champagne is not just a semi-sour beverage meant for New Year’s Eve, nor does it have to cost a fortune.

Champagne Lounge boasts a large and varied menu, with emphasis on organic and bio-dynamic drinks. Apart from champagne, you’ll find other sparkling wines, like cava, as well as untraditional and alcohol-free cocktails.


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