We have to buy and bring less stuff to the festival, we have to party with a green responsibility, we have to eat greener and we have to remember our things and leave our festival site in a decent state when the festival is over.

The time has come for us to speed up the green transition. We are intensifying the fight against the throw-away culture in the camping area.

We need to reduce the amount of things we bring to Roskilde Festival. We also need to recycle as much as possible – and ultimately sort what will become waste.

Do you know how big your climate footprint is when you go to a festival? You can actually know more about it. We have made a festival footprint calculator which you can try out. You might find the results surprising. Read more about it here.

This year, we’re offering a new rental solution for camping gear so that you don’t have to lug heavy equipment back and forth. You can rent pavilions, tents and inflatable mattresses. Read more about it here.

Every year, we leave behind a dusty mountain of garbage. A mountain that grows annually with an average of approx. 76 tonnes. We must stop this single-use tendency.

At the campsite, we already have many areas dedicated to communities that value sustainable solutions. We also make it easier to choose climate-friendly meals on the menu. And we are making partnerships that help push for a greener future.

We have a vision to become a circular festival that reduces resource consumption and waste, that recycles as much as possible and that sorts waste for recycling. It’s a vision to strengthen a circuit where the products and materials we use stay within the circuit for a longer period of time and do even greater good. Read about the path towards a circular festival