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Where are you planning to camp? Where will you be heading out on an adventure? And where are the new stages located? The map provides answers to many questions. Have a look for yourself!

The map is ready. Now, you can finally see where all the exciting stuff is going on just as you can get an overview of where you and your friends will be staying in the big camping city.

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If you are staying in community camping or special camping, look east. If, on the other hand, you’re up for some regular camping, it is located in the western part (remember to read up on our info about your arrival. It’s important).

If you need a place where you can really dance about, then you should look straight east. In the hills right by area F, we have drawn a large, colourful square. It will become the world's largest painting AND dance floor (measuring 2000 square metres!), created by German artist Katharina Grosse.

This year, the two stages dedicated to the musical talent pool, which are active in the first days of the festival, are both located east of the rail tracks. Rising is located in East City where you will also find our modern community centre Flokkr (see programme here). In the heart of the festival site – Central Park, we call it – we have placed Countdown, which will change identity along the way. In the last days of the festival, it will become thed Mantra stage.

Now, you can also see where our new venue, Platform, is located. The same goes for our new mouth-watering festivalised gourmet restaurant Food Is Now (make sure to book in advance!).

If you have rented camping gear (tents, pavilions or inflatable mattresses), you can now see where to pick them up.

These are just a few picks of the many offers you will find at that this year's Roskilde Festival. Download the map, zoom in and start looking around and discover how full the areas are of exciting things that call for your participation.

PS: The map will also be available in our app with a lot of features, enabling you to find all your favourite spots easily. Everything is being finalised right now and will be online soon.

Download map