Now you can wear festival-friendly clothes from our collection which has just been launched. This is clothing for the present with stylish nods back through history.

When Roskilde Festival takes place this year, it will be the 50th festival since the start back in 1971. We celebrate this all over the festival. This also goes for our merchandise.

We have just launched our brand-new collection, which has a lot on offer with regards to both range, design – and time as well.

The collection is a celebration of the different decades in which the festival has existed as well as a tribute to the music, the culture and the wonderful Roskilde people.

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Photo: Nathalie Elizabeth Høgh Walker

Twisted fonts have been added with references back to the 70s, as has tie-dye patterns and raver styles from the 90s and oversized T-shirts from the 80s. The collection is a large mash-up of colours, expressions and times – and you are free to mix your outfit as you see fit.

You'll also discover some exciting designs created from surplus tents from 2019 which have been upcycled and made into bags and ponchos. In addition, all T-shirts and sweatshirts are produced from 100 % organic cotton.

The collection is for everyone who has a canopy-shaped heart beating inside their chest. The collection celebrates “that orange feeling”, our audience, our volunteers and everyone else who is part of the Roskilde family.

Take a look at our shop and see what will tempt you.

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