From Tino Sehgal’s constructed situation art to Aïsha Devi’s abstract sound worlds. Platform is our new venue for curious, poignant and boundary-pushing art and music.

A new Roskilde Festival always brings about changes. This certainly goes for the 2022 season as well.

When you enter the festival site at Roskilde Festival this summer, you will encounter a brand-new venue. It's called Platform and is located in the Art Zone between Orange Stage and the Arena stage.

Is it a space landing? No, it's Platform, our brand-new venue for hybrid performances.

Platform is a venue dedicated to hybrid formats for curious and poignant art and music. In Platform, you can experience sensuous works in various forms. They all have in common that they ask questions to the world around us and that they suck you into some very intense experiences.

Platform is made in collaboration between design company NLÉ Works and the German artist Tino Sehgal with the ambition of mixing architecture and choreography, of opening up to artistic hybrid expressions and of reducing the distance between performer and audience.

Tino Sehgal makes constructed situation art that can tilt you out of balance.

Look forward to the following experiences in Platform:

Tino Sehgal is a German artist who creates constructed situations with a focus on social interactions. Platform is specially designed as a framework for Sehgal's performative work This Variation. The room is 100 % dark, and you can experience a group of singers and dancers. Through choreography and vocalisations, you are invited to orientate yourself among singers and dancers in this multi-sensory, constantly changing environment that also changes form during the day. This Variation can be experienced during the day from Wednesday to Saturday.

In addition to Sehgal's work, Platform offers a number of other performances and music experiences.

In The Nature of Isolation and Loneliness, Philip | Schneider and Hans Rosenström enter the farthest corners of the human brain to address and fight the stigma of loneliness.

The Danish artist duo Philip | Schneider has teamed up with Finnish installation artist Hans Rosenström to create a choral piece that addresses the stigma of loneliness in a time engrossed in social media, self-staging, 'likes' and virtual friends.

Experience the Australian duo Divide and Dissolve who can make the earth splinter with their heavy doom and drone metal while pining for a social utopia where white supremacy and colonisation have been dismantled.

The Swiss sound alchemist Aïsha Devi builds mysterious and abstract worlds of sound. Among other things, she has intertwined her experimental computer compositions with her meditation practice, and she has a special skill of extending the resonance of her vocal cords (must be experienced live!).

Xenia Xamanek's music orbits a world of its own. Catch it in a unique solo setup – and don't miss out on Xamanek's six-hour rave together with the UUMPHFF collective.

The Danish artist Xenia Xamanek turns up her abstract and dreamy electronic music which flirts with reggaetón. Recognisable and yet experimental and curious. Xenia Xamanek is one of the founders of the music platform UUMPHFF who hosts a six-hour rave in our amber-coloured hang-out place Ambereum (read more about that right here).

Julie Pavon is a new sensation on the Danish music scene. She’s playing a concert where you can feel her house-flavoured pop productions that will definitely get your body moving.

See you in Platform!

And that is just one venue. There is much more art and activism going on around the festival. Read some of our highlights from the programme right here.