We're counting down to a long-awaited festival. The first one in three years. It's a special momentum, and we will make sure to create something memorable that will be fresh for the present while it will also point towards the future.

When we meet again at Roskilde Festival in the summer of 2022, it has been three years since we last said, "See you next year". As we all know, that didn’t exactly go as planned.

Now we look towards 2022. And we have plenty to look forward to.

We are still anticipating an anniversary with the conduct of festival no. 50. At the same time, we somehow have to condense three years of festival planning into one. It will be quite a redemption for all of us!

More than ever before Roskilde needs to be a festival that is not just for the here and the now but also a festival that points towards the future and sets the agenda. With music and art and the way we create a festival together.

More focus on solidarity and sustainability

The world is under pressure and we need to head in new directions for a common future.

In our planning of Roskilde Festival there are two important keywords: solidarity and sustainability.

We have landed on the other side of a pandemic and we are in the middle of a climate crisis – and from all sides you hear the question of how people and nature can coexist in the future. It calls for change.

At Roskilde Festival, we want to put a stop to single-use consumption. We are planning new camping solutions that can help us reduce waste volumes and increase awareness that Roskilde Festival is not a throw-away society.

More than ever before, it is needed that we come up with new solutions together. Sustainability is a word of many meanings. It also points to our communities and our solidarity with one another. It calls for activism and democratic engagement. It requires that there is a trust in the democracy, that you will be heard and that we have room for new perspectives. We want to introduce you to a lot of programme content that will inspire you and your fellow festival-goers to make a difference.

We’re looking forward to telling you more in detail about it all. And we will in the near future.

The countdown to Roskilde Festival no. 50 has begun for real now!