The big jigsaw puzzle has been completed. The many pieces, i.e. the artists, have been placed on stages and in time slots. Your journey through the programme starts here.

It is ready. The band schedule.

A festival line-up always looks quite different when you take all the names from a poster and piece them into a schedule.

Now, you can suddenly see flows through the days. Possible routes you can follow. Musical journeys you can plan. Unless you are the spontaneous type who prefers to let impulses be king. That can be very liberating.

You can see that our Orange Stage is opened by Drew Sycamore and when we get to the closing Saturday, the last band on stage is The Strokes. But simultaneously, many other stages are also inviting you in. So, your Wednesday can be spiced up with Ukrainian rap from Alyona Alyona, an audience with the Brazilian queen of pop Anitta or some hardcore moshing with American band Turnstile. And these are just a few picks from Wednesday. It requires too many words and lines to list all the recommendations.

Then we have the inevitable situation. The clash. Two great acts will play at the same time. In our programming, we try to spread things out the best we can – and when we have two artists who speak to the same types of audience, we do our best to make sure that they do not play at the same time. But sometimes, for various reasons, things could not be different. And if you are the type with a nice broad taste, you are forced to make some choices along the way.

No matter how your route through the band schedule looks, we are sure that it will be utmost enjoyable.

Happy planning!

Download band schedule