Festival life
We have compiled a number of different playlists for you who are curious about what Roskilde Festival 2022 sounds like. It’s a both rich and multifaceted experience. Just give it a listen!

What is the sound of Roskilde Festival 2022?

Very diverse.

Let’s imagine that Roskilde Festival is a city. You’re walking down the streets and through the neighbourhoods of this city, and you’re encountering different music on the many street corners you pass by. On one corner they’re playing street-ready, rowdy hip-hop. Elsewhere you can hear beautiful singing in a rich Persian musical language. Further down the street, guitar amps make up an entire wall with distorted sounds, and down a cul-de-sac an electronic magician has cabled together an entire machine of instruments, creating fascinating futuristic sounds.

And it goes on and on from there.

We have currently announced a total of 134 music acts. They represent 31 different nationalities. Among them you will find lots of different music cultures and genres that often also zigzag between several styles to create something entirely new.

In this article, we try to collect the sounds. There is a lot to take in when you’re making yourself acquainted with the huge lineup that Roskilde Festival presents.

Let's start from the top

You may already know the headliners. Or do you? We have collected all the artists from the top of the poster together with all the artists in the layer just below. We can guarantee surprises and exciting acquaintances. Try for yourself. Press play on the playlist below.

Protest music

Lots of music acts in the lineup have strong agendas. They have a lot on their minds. Outcries, protests and activism. They are putting their foot down. Music is a perfect platform for such purpose. These protests come in many shapes at Roskilde Festival. In the playlist below, you come across everything from sugary pop music over freejazz and hip-hop to hardcore punk and R&B.

Hip-hop can be fragile, rowdy and festive

Hip-hop comes in many expressions at this year's Roskilde Festival. We see this in all layers in the lineup. The playlist below embraces many different expressions. Here you will find both the subdued and emotionally charged to the rowdy and angry and onwards to the rap music that just wants to have a party (well, who doesn’t?). The lyrics come in several languages, so there are plenty of vitamins for the brain on top of the bouncing beats.

We bring the world together

Over a long period of time, we have been separated by a pandemic. Now that we can finally gather again at Roskilde, we also want to gather the world's many musical expressions. As we wrote above, 31 nationalities are represented at this year's Roskilde Festival. They come with many different expressions. We have collected some of the most distinctive ones. So if you are looking for one playlist that is characterised by the greatest diversity, then look no further.

Rock is still vital with bite and contemplation

The amplifier is switched on and turned all the way up to 11. We have a wealth of rock bands in the lineup who are ready to make a racket. We also have rock bands that present a more thoughtful and sensitive expression. From post-punk over folk and roots to indie rock. We’ve got plenty of great stuff if you prefer the guitar to be dominant.

The sounds of the talent pool

The other day, we announced 19 acts who will play on our stages dedicated to upcoming music. Make sure you don’t miss out on them. Among the names you’ll find lots of different expressions, e.g. drill rap, prog-metal, reggaetón and hyperpop. Later in the spring, we’ll add at least additional 19 new acts who have the talent to become the stars of tomorrow.

Do you want everything at once?

No need to be modest. Sometimes you just want all the music in one big playlist. Don't worry, we've got you covered. Look below.