On Tuesday 30 November at 12:00, 5000 extra Full Festival Tickets to Roskilde Festival 2022 will be put up for sale, reserved for young people under 25.

When Roskilde Festival 2022 takes place next summer, we hope to see a lot of first-timers. Those who experience the festival and have that unspoiled, extraordinary experience where everything is seen, heard and felt for the very first time. All Roskilde-goers can relate to this.

We all had to miss out on two Roskilde Festivals – in 2020 and 2021. But perhaps most importantly, we have had two years when young debutants have missed the opportunity to attend Roskilde. Our numbers show that 80 % of first-time participants at Roskilde Festival are under the age of 25.

So, we have decided to take a little action to help those who have not had the opportunity to be a first-time participant at Roskilde Festival in the past two years.

We have allocated 5000 extra tickets targeted at young people. We call them 'Under 25' tickets because they are earmarked for young people. To be specific, your birth date must be AFTER 3 July 1997 in order to use the ‘Under 25’ ticket.

We put the 5000 tickets up for sale on 30 November at 12:00. The tickets have the same price as the regular Full Festival Tickets. The difference is that they are exclusively for under-25s.

Got questions about the 'Under 25' tickets? 
This new initiative may leave a number of questions. We will try to answer them below. And as always, we are happy to accept any additional questions and inquiries at info@roskilde-festival.dk.

Why have you created an ’Under 25’ ticket? 
Two years of Roskilde first-timers have missed their opportunity to attend Roskilde Festival because of COVID-19 cancellations. We wanted to make a ticket sale that is solidary with their situation and challenge. Therefore, we have redistributed our ticket sale by making room for ’Under 25’ tickets and having less of other types of participants. 

Why is the dividing line at 24 years?
We have defined this age because it contains 80 % of our normal first-timers at Roskilde Festival. A first-timer is typically 22 years old, and then we have added further two years because of the two cancelled festival seasons.

Can I buy ’Under 25’ one-day tickets? 
No, ’Under 25’ tickets are only sold as Full Festival Tickets.

Can I buy an ’Under 25’ ticket for a friend, sibling or child under 25 years even though I’m older myself?
Of course. As long as the person who will be using the ticket at Roskilde Festival 2022 is born after 3 July 1997.

Can I resell my ‘Under 25’ ticket if I’m prevented from partaking in Roskilde Festival 2022?
Yes. You can resell or transfer your ‘Under 25’ ticket, which we normally recommend. Buyer or recipient just has to be born after 3 July 1997 to use the ticket.

What must I bring at the entrance together with my ’Under 25’ ticket?
You must bring a valid photo ID (identity card, passport or driving license) which documents that you are born after 3 July 1997.

How many ‘Under 25’ tickets are up for sale?

Does Ticketmaster use a digital queue system?
Yes. The queue system starts at 12:00. If you're on Ticketmaster's website before then, you will be given a random queue number when the sale begins. If you visit the website after 12:00, you will be at the back of the queue.

Do you sell less regular Full Festival Tickets?
No. This year, we have decided to expand our capacity on Full Festival Tickets to 85,000 with 5000 additional ‘Under 25’ tickets.