Beyond the festival
We are part of the Human Rights Alliance. Together with all young people, we want to work for a society without discrimination, sexism and online hate.

You shall not be subjected to torture. You have the right to freedom of opinion and expression. You have the right to an internationality.

These are some of the human rights which UN formulated in 1948 after Europe had been in flames during World War II.

They are fundamental – and important.

But did you know that every second young person in Denmark cannot mention a single human right? and that every fifth don’t know about them at all?

That’s why Roskilde Festival is part of forming the Human Rights Alliance.

We want a youth movement against discrimination and hate speech. We already have a law against it in Denmark. Yet, far too many young people are met with discriminatory comments because of their disability, faith, sexual orientation, political belief, ethnicity or gender.

We have to deal with that.

When Noah Knudsen said his name and presented himself as a transgender man, one of his new teachers at the university refused to call him Noah. "That's not what your papers say so that's not what I wall call you," the teacher said. Ad one of the chairpersons in Odense Pride, he is fighting to strengthen the gender minorities and the rights of sexual minorities.

At Roskilde Festival, we support many great initiatives that work with these issues. You can meet many of them at the festival this summer.

But there are also initiatives taking place throughout the year, which Roskilde Festival in one way or another supports.

Some of the initiatives we’re supporting:

  • Freemuse
    Roskilde Festival donates funds to Freemuse who works to ensure artistic freedom of expression worldwide. It's truly an eye-opener to read their annual ”The State of Artistic Freedom” report.
  • Unicorny Camp
    Yes, it’s a camp at Roskilde Festival. They create a festive free space for the LGBT+ community and everyone else who wants to join. Visit their Facebook page.
  • Minoritty associations
    We’re collaborate with a selection of associations such as LGBT+ Ungdom and Mino Danmark, who represent different minority groups and fight for non-discrimination and inclusive, diverse youth communities.
  • Emergency Architecture & Human Rights
    We collaborate with the organisation who works in a cross field of architecture and human rights. The goal is to strengthen the resilience of vulnerable groups suffering from inequality and humanitarian crises. Visit their website.
  • Joannahuset
    We have supported Denmark's first child-youth crisis centre, which is a refuge for children and young people who experience troubles in their lives.

The Human Rights Alliance is formed by Roskilde Festival, Ungdomsbureauet, DUF, Mino Danmark, Amnesty International and The Danish Institute for Human Rights. The doors are open to anyone who wants to join us.