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The future of English hip hop invites you to a massive club party. 

Bru-C loves English club music, and in his songs, the English rapper dabbles with genres like bassline, dupstep, drum’n’bass and UK Garage. 

Josh Bruce grew up in Long Eaton outside Nottingham, with the sounds of Motown soul, Lauryn Hill and reggae playing on his stereo. When he was ten, his big sister introduced him to UK Garage, which turned out to be the cornerstone of the foundation that led him to the top of the charts. 

Bru-C started as a battle rapper, but his big breakthrough came when he uploaded part of the song You and I on Instagram in 2019, after which his popularity grew like wildfire. That same year, he released the debut album, Original Sounds, which was followed up a year later by Smile – both of which are influenced by his love of English club music. 

Today, he has nearly three million monthly listeners on Spotify and has earned silver and gold records. He is the future of English hip hop, and with his love for heavy bass and contagious beats, he is ready to invite the Roskilde Festival audience to a huge club party.