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Genre-breaking American rapper with sublime technique and exceptional crowd control. 

There are two things that characterise Denzel Curry: He is an incredible live performer, and he never repeats himself. 

The first could be witnessed by the audience at Roskilde Festival 2019, where the Florida rapper demonstrated his superior ability for crowd control and initiating mosh pits.  

The second is perfectly exemplified by his latest album, Melt My Eyez See Your Future (2022), which includes guest performances from the likes of T-Pain, Rico Nasty, Slowthai and Thundercat.

Denzel Curry started his career in the early 2010s as a mixtape rapper in Florida’s underground scene, where he attracted a lot of attention with his technique. He released his first solo album, Nostalgic 64, in 2013, and his big breakthrough came in 2015 with the single Ultimate, which has been played nearly 190 million times on Spotify and over 70 million on YouTube. 

Denzel Curry is particularly known for his direct expression and lyrics, which include scathing criticism of society, raw emotion as well as boastful tirades.

However, in line with his meteoric rise in popularity, he has developed his musical repertoire album by album, and his discography today is among American hip hop’s most exciting and varied.