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Ghanian gospel talent invites you to a dance party of epic proportions. 

It is difficult to stand still when Florence Adooni connects history and modern times with her contagious dance music.

The Ghanian singer is part of her homeland’s thriving Frafra Gospel scene, which was made to be sung standing at a crowded Sunday service, while backed by sweaty clapping. Actually, she is called “The queen of Frafra Gospel”!

With Adooni, this gripping expression is mixed with another of Ghana’s strongest and proudest musical traditions: a melodic and rhythmic pulsating highlife, where local Ghanian traditions combine with inspiration from pop, rock and jazz, including lots of festive horns. After all, she was raised in the town of Kumasi, which is known as being the epicentre of the highlife genre.

Florence Adooni has released several albums in her home country and worked with the Ghanian kologo virtuoso Guy One. However, the international community first truly became aware of her powerful vocals in 2021, when she made a guest appearance on Vocalize my Luv, a pulsating single from the Finnish electronica eccentric Jimi Tenor

Now the world is truly ready for Florence Adooni’s catchy bridge-building between tradition and innovation; and if her new single, Yinne, is anything to go by, we are in for an epic dance party at Roskilde Festival.