Thursday 29 June 2023
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Deep listening and fragile folk experiments from dreamy quartet

The American musical collective Florist inhabit their very own space, where gentle acoustic folk, dreamy improvisation and experimental soundscapes come together in understated lo-fi productions.

Florist began as the friendship project of Emily Sprague, Rick Spataro, and Jonnie Baker in Upstate, NY. The three started making weird sounds on synths and guitars together as a way to relate, and they grew close. Felix Walworth joined as a drummer and collaborator when Sprague moved to New York City and continued writing songs with the moniker.

Their mixture of quietly poetic songwriting and avant-garde textures makes Florist an enthralling listening experience for those who pay full attention to the music’s gentle nature. The songs can feel like a warm embrace encouraging deep listening, which is no coincidence since Emily Sprague is also a brilliant ambient musician under her own name.

With Florist she has found the ideal partners to expand her ideas of ambient music into songs that unfold like fragile wonders with leanings toward psychedelic folk and improv. The band were hailed as one of the best new bands in 2015 by Stereogum, and the year after they released their debut album to rave reviews. Their self-titled album from 2022 was also hailed as a masterpiece by several critics. Now they’re ready to draw the audience at Roskilde into their mesmerizing universe.