Saturday 1 July 2023
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Trash is turned into musical gold by Congolese collective

Their name translates to “music from garbage” and indeed the Afrofuturist collective from the Congolese capital Kinshasa has taken the proverb “one man’s trash, another man’s treasure” to a whole new musical level.

Making their own instruments from garbage and found objects, they have created their very own musical world which is further expanded by masks and costumes also made from trash - turning their concerts into vivid performances blending music, art and eco-activism.

The trash-ideology is much more than a gimmick, as it also helps the band to embrace a cultural chaos with an ever-evolving collection of unpredictable instruments. The musicians are on the constant search for new sounds and interesting objects and this search also makes their concerts spectacular for the audiences everywhere. You never know exactly what you get from the collective who has toured around Europe playing only on things they found on their way.

You can, however, be pretty sure that they deliver a wild party, mixing dance grooves, rough aesthetics and Afrofuturism, as can also be heard on their thrilling EP Ngbaka” from 2022. And we are excited to see what instruments might come out of their visit to Roskilde!