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This hip-hop-loving Scotsman will get the party going with his intense electronic beats. 

Hudson Mohawke has a hard time sitting still, both as a producer and in his electrifying performances.

Thirty-six-year-old Ross Brichard is a musical hip hop wunderkind, who at 15, was the youngest finalist that the English edition of the DJ competition DMC World DJ Championship had yet to see.

In 2007, he signed with the electronic label Warp Records, which released his debut, Butter, in 2009. This saw a pairing of the hip hop bounce and vintage funk samples with glitchy electronic and synthetic synth. The songs were hectic, complex and maximalist, and the style became known as wonky. 

His unique sound landed him a contract with Kanye West’s record company, G.O.O.D Music, in 2012. Subsequently, he was a key player on West’s album Yeezus and Life of Pablo and produced for the likes Drake, Pusha T and Ahnoni. Together with Canadian Lunice, he is also half of the producer-duo TNGHT, which carpet-bombed Apollo in 2014 with heavy trap and Miami bass.

After seven years without a new album, Hudson Mohawke release his third solo album, Cry Sugar, in 2022. It boasts the same lively and colourful productions of pervious works, while demonstrating a greater maturity and sense of melody.