Thursday 29 June 2023
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With roots in metal and hardcore, Ithaca delivers ferocious punches against bigotry.

Homophobes, racists and any other type of bigot should run for cover when the London band Ithaca takes the stage fronted by charismatic singer Djamila Boden Azzouz. The heavy metal and punk scenes which the band has grown from are also not spared when Ithaca attacks the patriarchy.

Their debut album Language of Injury (2019) guaranteed Ithaca a solid hype as a band shaking up the conventions of metalcore with equal parts queerness and lust for sonic experiments. In 2022 they followed up the album with They Fear Us, which has already been hailed as a masterpiece. And as the title suggests, there is a very good reason to fear Ithaca, if you’re on their list of enemies. But it should also be said that their eclectic mix of punk, metal, progressive experiments and melodic pop hooks is highly inclusive.

As aggressive as the music may seem, it offers a warm embrace for all outsiders. Therefore it can be an almost healing experience to be part of one of their intensive shows. Don’t miss it, when they hit Roskilde Festival with a concert that might easily end up as one of this year’s wildest.