Thursday 29 June 2023
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Norway’s biggest rap group is coming to Denmark with a spectacular live show.

Karpe is Norway’s biggest rap group – if not the biggest Norwegian band overall! The group consists of the rappers Chirag and Magdi, who broke through in 2006 with their debut Rett fra hjertet in. Since then, they have dominated the charts in their home country, played countless arena concerts and won seven Spellemannpriser (Norway’s equivalent to DMA).

Chirag and Magdi are Norwegian-Indian and Norwegian-Egyptian, respectively, and their backgrounds feature in their song writing and lyrics. Karpe can be funny and emotional, while touching upon societal issues.

The duo’s latest release is the EP Omar Sheriff (2022), which consists of six songs and a cinematic universe. It draws inspiration from their Indian and Egyptian roots, mixing Norwegian with Arabic, English and the local Indian language of gujarati.

Karpe is known for putting on lavish concerts. For this tour featuring the new songs, the duo has created a unique show with live musicians, Middle Eastern instruments and the dance crew Quickstyle. All performers are the children of immigrants and refugees, and the Omar Sheriff show is a symbol of how we can unite though multi-culturalism, inclusion and tolerance.

In other words: A musical party that you really don’t want to miss.