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Alternative Korean pop with four lead singers and new-wave inspiration.

K-pop has increased in popularity in Europe and USA in recent years, and Korean pop also offers a wealth of exciting names when you look outside the charts. Leenalchi is a perfect example of this.

Leenalchi consists of seven women and men – four of which are singers! The inspiration for the lyrics comes from the old, traditional Korean story of Sugungga, which involves a dragon king, a turtle and a crafty rabbit.

The lively and spirited performance of the four lead vocalists tells the story using solo performances, choir arrangements, rap and dance. Leenalchi is therefore a colourful, atmospheric, engaging and entertaining live performance.

The musical universe that sets the tone for the singers’ storytelling is influenced by the 80s chill and funky new wave – think B-52s and Devo – which runs like a common thread through the debut album SUGUNGGA (2020).

The septet has received a lot of publicity in their home country, where in 2021, they won an impressive three awards at the Korean Music Awards. Now, Leenalchi is ready to present their original mix of historic awareness and pop innovation to the audience at Roskilde Festival – the band’s first Danish concert.