Wednesday 28 June 2023
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American deathcore band delivers technical equilibrium and an intense stage show.

Lorna Shore grapples with the heavy sides of life, which they cathartically work into their songs.

The experienced five-man New Jersey band was formed in 2010 and has produced four studio albums, the latest of which was just released and bears the telling title of Pain Remains.

On this new album, Lorna Shore demonstrate that they continue to master the balance between extreme deathcore explosions and symphonic synth-driven elements, which offer the listener brief shelter from the storm. Here you will find intense guitar riffs, technical equilibrium, neck-breaking compositional twists and grandiose solos.

The Americans also present a brutally entertaining live experience, where the lead singer, Will Ramos – who previously played in Monument of a Memory and Awake in Providence, but joined Lorna Shore in 2019 – acts as the whip and natural focal point, thanks to his powerful vocals and intense stage presence.

After having cancelled a number of concerts in 2020 due to Corona, the band is hungry to get out there and present their new songs live, which is something the Roskilde Festival audience is sure to enjoy.