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French pop with a soulful sensuality from this Congolese-Belgian shooting star.

In modern pop, English is not the only valuable currency. The French songs of the Congolese-Belgian band Lous and the Yakuzas are a perfect example.

Marie-Pierra Kakoma was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but later moved with her parents to Belgium. She was just a child when she began composing songs.

From the age of 18 and for a couple of years on, she lived off odd jobs and was at times homeless. But she did write a lot of songs and started to perform in bars and nightclubs. Here, a representative from Warner spotted her one evening and offered her a contract shortly thereafter.

The next big step for Kakoma was the release of the single Dilemme in 2019, which was a huge hit and featured on national Danish radio. The song was produced by her now regular Spanish producer, El Guincho, known for his work with Rosalía.

The debut album Gore came out in 2020, with a well-balanced mix of minimalistic R'n'B, subdued electro pop and soulful sensuality – and this year will see the release of her second album.

The songs are backed by a full band and are centred on Kakoma’s expressive vocals, which the audience at Roskilde Festival can look forward to experiencing.