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Wednesday 28 June 2023

Saturday 1 July 2023

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Artist places a protective hand over this year's festival guests 

With personal, historical and cultural symbols, Maria Nørholm Ramouk invites us into a trustworthy textile landscape that gives room for a relaxed and gentle consideration of how social and cultural conditions affect communities and their collective identities.  

With the work N9drou ngharsou chejra (We could plant a Tree), Maria Nørholm Ramouk creates a sensual and embracing textile installation that is in sharp contrast to Roskilde Festival's sometimes high tempo and raw energy. The tent-like structure is crafted in plant-dyed textiles with traditional symbols to create a place of quiet contemplation and shared soft energies. 

Maria Nørholm Ramouk is a visual artist based in Copenhagen, who primarily works in Denmark and Morocco. Her works have been shown both in Denmark and internationally. Presented in collaboration with Art Hub Copenhagen as part of Residency To-Go 2023. 

The work is sewn by social economic enterprise I Tråd Med Verden.