Friday 30 June 2023
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One of the finest songwriters of contemporary outlaw country.

The Nashville songwriter Nikki Lane has made a name for herself as a brilliant songwriter since her debut album Walk of Shame (2011). In her music the classic storytelling qualities of country music team up with electrified rock energy, feminism and a rebel attitude.

First and foremost, Lane is one hell of a songwriter, and none other than Lana Del Rey invited her to collaborate on the song "Breaking Up Slowly" from Chemtrails over the Country Club. On the brilliant album Highway Queen from 2017, Lane demonstrated her own ability to create a fully formed album building bridges between country, americana and rock.

In 2022 we finally got the follow-up album, the equally great Denim & Diamond, where none other than Josh Homme, who also joins us at Roskilde Festival with his band Queens of The Stone Age, is along for the ride.

Again Lane demonstrates her ability to carve her own road through American music tradition, with a rough attitude, dust on her denim and a huge heart for the great song. Perfect for a cold pint at Roskilde Festival.