Wednesday 28 June 2023

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Josh Homme’s desert rock giants are back with new songs.

With their raw and grainy formula, Queens of the Stone Age have delivered some of the most captivating guitar rock in the last quarter of a century. Equal parts stoner rock, hard rock and grunge are dried in the glowing sun to create the band’s solid brand of desert rock.

When you add a brilliant skill for songwriting to this recipe, you get the answer to why Queens of the Stone Age can rightly claim to be rock’n’roll royalty.

The undisputed mastermind of the band is guitarist and songwriter Josh Homme who has driven the band forward with changing line-ups and delivered one classic album after another. However, we haven’t seen a new album from the band since 2017’s Villains, but the waiting time seems to be over. The band has teased a new album in 2023, all but securing the summer for fans of great guitar rock. Especially since the band will bring their music back to Roskilde Festival.

It will be a dear return from the band, whose previous concert at the festival was in 2013. By the way, that concert was hailed by Danish indie site Undertoner as a more or less perfect rock show. We suspect that Queens of the Stone Age will show us how it’s done once again, when they return in 2023.