Thursday 29 June 2023
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Indignant hardcore punkers play with wind instruments, samples and hip hop beats.

Apart from the name, Soul Glo has nothing in common with the glossy hair product which is promoted with a steamy soul song in the Eddie Murphy classic Coming to America. On the contrary, the American trio delivers classic, in-your-face punk, which takes no prisoners.

The band formed in Philadelphia in 2014 and has released four studio albums, the latest of which, Diaspora Problems (2022), is most internationally renowned.

Diaspora Problems is an indignant cry against racism, political hypocrisy and social inequality, but at the same time, it is also a curious musical playroom, where Soul Glo excels at incorporating wind instruments, samples, hip hop beats and guest rappers.

When the album came out, it received the extraordinarily high rating of 8.5 and the distinction of “Best New Music” from the influential American music site Pitchfork, which called the band’s mix of “action-oriented rhetoric, absurd humour and gripping vulnerability” as “ground-breaking”.

On stage, Soul Glo are also a thrilling experience, driven by classic punk sounds and the intense raspy singing of lead vocalist Pierce Jordan. And with their new masterful album in the bag, it is hard to imagine that anything can go wrong when the trio is let loose at Roskilde Festival.