Saturday 1 July 2023
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The masters of Tuareg blues finally bring back their guitar magic to Roskilde

Ever since they performed their first international festival show at Roskilde Festival in 2001, Tinariwen has incarnated a special kind of Roskilde magic. A magic which was also felt when they performed again at Roskilde in 2010. Here Pitchfork said about the Tuareg masters: “They are, in some ways, the perfect festival act: they're a blues band, a rock band, a jam band, and a dance band, often at once.”

In 2001 the band also released their first internationally distributed album “The Radio Tisdas Sessions”, which has since then received near legendary status as an album that not only launched the band’s international career but also made them something like a gold standard for all other so called desert blues bands to be measured by.

However, the band’s roots can be traced all the way back to 1979. Long before “The Radio Tisdas Sessions” they released several cassette tapes, one of which, ​​”Kel Tinariwen”, has recently seen a reissue. The pioneers of desert blues keep on spellbinding international audiences with their signature blend of trance inducing grooves, raw guitar blues, and electrifying rock’n’roll. Now they finally return to Roskilde.