Saturday 1 July 2023

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A gathering of witches set patriarchy on fire with uncompromising black metal.

The early pioneers of Norwegian black metal used their art to burn down established values of society (some of them quite literally). So it was really just a matter of time until someone saw the potential of the genre to throw male dominated society on the bonfire.

Enter Witch Club Satan! Even though the band wasn’t formed until the end of 2021 and only put out one track, the furious single “Hysteria”, they have already created a solid hype in Norway with their blackened feminist metal mass.

None other than Necrobutcher from legendary black metal band Mayhem has been their mentor, which should guarantee an authentic connection to the uncompromising roots of the genre.

The concerts of Witch Club Satan combine black metal, performance and occult atmosphere into dramatic rituals. Rituals that give voice to the suffering of women through the ages and a war cry releasing demonic anger directed at the patriarchy. It’s dark, aggressive and merciless, and with a powerful aesthetic vision merging classic Norwegian black metal with inspirations from the witch figure. Do you dare to enter the witch club?