Young artists and creative talents are breaking boundaries and inspiring dreams and change. That is why we are donating over three million DKK to support emerging artists and activists

The young festival organizers behind Surround Festival receive a donation of 75,000 DKK to feature artists from the Danish music scene, while the organization Another Life will receive a total of 155,000 DKK to improve conditions and representation in the Danish music industry. 

Overall, we have donated over three million DKK exclusively to support young and emerging artists and activists in 2022 and 2023. 

We are donating 50,000 DKK to Becoming Species, a performance climate activist group focusing on the survival of species and biodiversity. Photo: Frej Pries Schmedes

Dreams and changes 
When we donate our proceeds to charity, we aim to fertilize the ground for future generations.  
The emerging artists and talents give us fresh perspectives, experiments, and expand our cultural horizons. 

They are the ones who show that it’s possible to pursue a dream, break boundaries and inspire changes in society.  

And who better than young musicians, artists, organizers, and cultural creators around the emerging cultural and activist communities can chart the course for the future – and show that everyone should have a place and a say in society? 

They make a difference 
The 55 recipients below deal with some of today's major societal issues. They tackle the climate and biodiversity crisis, mental health issues, diversity, and representation in the arts. 
And they do so in communities across disciplines, genres, art forms, and even species. 

Meet some of them and learn why we think they deserve a push forward with a donation:

  • Alerta Festival (85,000 DKK) 
    Because they want to create a festival in Nørrebro in Copenhagen that inspires young people to participate in the societal debates on colonialism, representation in the music industry, and discrimination.
  • Another Life (155,000 DKK) 
    Because they work towards increased representation and improved conditions for women and marginalized individuals and groups in the Danish music industry on and off stage.
  • Artem (50,000 DKK) 
    Because they have created a platform for emerging creative talents through interdisciplinary events and communities that come together around art, music, writing, and creative workshops.
  • Bureau for Mellemartslig Kommunikation (50,000 DKK)
    Because they create imaginative conversations between people and conversations between people and other species in a poetic and activist way.
  • Page 28 (45,000 DKK) 
    Because they have created a bookstore and a creative meeting place for the LGBTQI+ community in Malmö.
  • Surround Festival Forening (75,000 DKK) 
    Because they have created a brand-new music festival in Roskilde where volunteers and upcoming artists can meet and evolve. 

And to all 54: Thank you for making a difference! 

51Cth (75,000), A Seat at the Table (25,000), Alerta Festival (85,000), Andromeda 8200 (60,000), Another Life (155,000), Arrange the Ants (25,000), Artem (50,000), Artscape (50,000), Becoming Species (50,000), Building Diversity (50,000), Bureau for Mellemartslig Kommunikation (50,000), C:NTACT (100,000), Carrie's going out (50,000), DANSEatalier (50,000), Danskdansk (50,000), Det Lilla Rum (50,000), Festival Instrumental Mulambo Jazzagrário (50,000), Foreningen Drifters (75,000), Foreningen for Fanø Free Folk Festival (40,000), Foreningen Kanten (25,000), Forlaget på tungen (35,000), Galvin Harrison + T N G (50,000), Kornmod (30,000), Kulturforening for unge i København (50,000), Københavns Frie Promotere (150,000), Lím Collective (25,000), Meleret Melanin (60,000), OVO Press (25,000), Page 28 (45,000), Pleasure Control (50,000), PriMi (40,000), Rendering the State (15,000), ReThinking Economics (200,000), Ria Kollektivet (25,000), Rumgehør (25,000), Røde Himmel (25,000), SEIN (75,000), Softer (30,000), Sorte Firkant (50,000), SPACEGIRLS (25,000), Springbrættet 6a (40,000), Surround Festival Forening (75,000), Sydhavn Teater (55,000), The Benevolent  Foundation (25,000), The Soulfuls (50,000), The Union (90,000), Ukøn (50,000), Under Kniven (25,000), (Un)told pages (25,000), Urban Connection (75,000), UUMPHFF (150,000), VÆKST (75,000), Way of Life (50,000), Woo Collective (70,000)