Busy planning? We have some advice for a more climate-friendly festival experience for you: It's about renting your camping gear, taking the train, and learning more about your climate footprint.

Let’s start with fantastic news:

Last year we reduced the waste quantities by 25 percent compared to the previous festival. That equates to 500 tons! And the biggest reduction happened out on the camping grounds.

The conclusion is:

  • It pays to bring as little equipment as possible.
  • It pays to sort your camp trash every day
  • It pays to take all your camp gear home again.

Soon we will meet over 100,000 people in the world's most amazing festival community.

So let's continue the good style in 2023. Let's intensify the fight against use-and-throw-away culture.

Let's party and live together for a week with the environment and climate in mind.

Let's leave the festival site in the same green and clean condition as before we moved in.

And let's do it together.

Once the festival is underway, we will make it easy for you to sort the camp's waste at our 24 recycling centres.

We will tempt you with delicious plant-based meals, and every day we will inspire you with climate activism and debates - we are looking forward, for example, to seeing you at the Climate Justice Talk on Arena.

But before you pack your backpack and head to Roskilde, we have three tips that will make your festival experience even greener:

Here goes:

1: Rent the camping gear
Avoid buying cheap, poor equipment in discount stores that will break anyway. And we avoid it lying around as waste after the festival. We have tents, air mattresses, chairs, and pavilions for you. You just order the equipment in the shop and pick it up on arrival. After a week of use, you return the gear and go home. Easy.

2: Use public transport
Transport is a significant climate sinner, so think about your own consumption. Right now, you can plan your arrival (and departure! Why bother thinking about it while you're in the crowd for Lizzo? The train goes directly to the platform at Camping West, and shuttle buses take you from Roskilde Station to Camping East.

Get all your transport needs sorted on this page, whether you come by train, bus, bike, or carpooling.

3: Check your climate footprint
How the climate notice that you're at Roskilde Festival? Try our climate calculator and get an indication of how kind you are to the environment when you go to the festival. You click through a series of choices: from transport over the amount of camping gear and food and drink - and then your willingness to re-use. Maybe you will be surprised?