Festival life
It is possible to attend a festival without getting drunk, and this year you'll find more non-alcoholic drinks at the festival than ever before. 

By Ina Jacobsen, media volunteer at Roskilde Festival

Just because you don't drink alcohol or need a break from the endless beer bongs, you don't have to settle for drinking soda at the festival grounds. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy delicious, alcohol-free drinks at the festival's bars. 

"We want to contribute to a better party culture and have initiated various initiatives that create more space for those who want to enjoy the festival in a different way than getting drunk," says Asger Risager Nørgaard, the bar manager at B'artist and a year-round volunteer at Team Bars. 


Asger Risager Nørgaard, bar manager at B'artist

"Our goal is for the festival's bars to have at least one mocktail (an alcohol-free cocktail) on the menu," Asger explains. 

The bars at the festival experienced increased demand for non-alcoholic alternatives already last year, so this year many of the bars have expanded their hangover-free assortment. 

Here are Asger's recommendations for non-alcoholic drinks around the festival grounds. 

3. Grandstand Drinks[1]
Virgin Mango Madness consists of mango puree, lime juice, vanilla, and tonic, and can be purchased at Grandstand across from the Orange Stage. Virgin Pink Dream is made with rhubarb, pink pepper, lemon juice, and tonic. You can also find it at the Grandstand.
4. Maloma Piri[1]
Maloma is a variation of the Paloma drink, made with grape juice, lime, and lemon. You can get it at Piripi, located west of the Orange Stage.
5. Maiquri Piri[1]
At Piripi, you can get a Maiquiri, a spin-off of the Daiquiri, but with apple juice instead of rum, spiced up with thyme, lime, and lemon.
6. Virgin Willow Timbar[1]
Virgin Willow: You can enjoy this drink with lime and thyme at TimBar, located near Avalon.
7. Virigin Walnut Timbar[1]
Virgin Walnut: Despite the name, it does not contain walnuts, but basil and black pepper. It's also available at TimBar.
8. Tove Loma Bartist[1]
Tove Loma is a refreshing drink with grapefruit, lemon, mint, and hibiscus. You can find it at B'artist, located right next to the Orange Stage.
9. The Barn Placebo[1]
At The Bar'n, you'll find a Placebo (with or without effect) containing mango puree, lemon, and lime.
10. Virgin Lua[1]
Virgin Luã, resembling a White Russian, it contains a homemade (non-alcoholic) Kahlua and milk. You can find it at Exbar, located near the Food Court.
11. Alkofri Øl[1]
You can also get your hands on non-alcoholic beer in most of the bars. This year, you can choose between Tuborg Zero Radler with citrus and the new alcohol-free Classic.

In addition to saving yourself from hangovers, you can also save money on the non-alcoholic drinks. A mocktail costs 45 kr, and a pitcher costs 200 kr.